What Goal I'm Remembering This Week

What Goal I'm Remembering This Week

A few weeks ago I watched a movie called, “Remember the Goal.” The acting was less than stellar, but the movie followed a Christian girls’ cross country team’s chase for a state championship.

A new coach shows up to train the girls and her tactics seem to go against everything the team knows about training. She advises slow, easy runs instead of hard efforts, and a few of the girls get upset and then the parents call for her firing, and there’s some drama in there.

I'm a BibRave Pro!

I love racing. Even if it's just a community 5K, I love getting out there and standing at the starting line with bouncy, nervous runners. I'm a mid-pack runner, but I'm always out there to push myself on the course and have a good time.

So that's why I'm so stoked to be a BibRave Pro. It means I'll be racing and giving all the grit and glam that goes along in a race.

If you're curious what that looks like, check out BibRave.com.


And yes, I'm an Aggie and yes, I'll be rocking some bright orange gear at races, but I think it'll be OK.

What races are on your calendar?