The Prescription for Cough/Cold/Dizziness

I got slammed with a cold last week and because my vestibular system is a delicate thing, that offset intensified the dizzies for me.

Colds are draining. Your throat burns. You can’t breathe through your nose. Your body feels wrecked. BUT for VM sufferers, you face both the frustrating cold symptoms AND dizziness. It can be awful.

I took a day off work and slept all morning to rest my body. Since then, the cold symptoms have disappeared, but the increased dizziness has stuck around. I’m hoping as I recover, the dizziness stabilizes again.

As we approach colder weather, a cough and cold may come around for you, so here’s what may help with the surge in dizzies.

  1. Rest - This one is easier said than done, and though everyone will tell you to rest when you have a cold anyway. Rest with VM can look a little different. For me, I left the TV off and kept my phone out of reach so my eyes didn’t have to do any extra work. It was tempting to binge watch Netflix or even finish the book I’ve been reading, but I stayed away from anything that would stress my vestibular system.

  2. Hydrate - This one is something you’re supposed to do when you have a cold, too, but it’s especially important when you’re also struggling with VM. Stay away from caffeine and down hydrating fluids.

  3. No meds - Controversial? Maybe. Avoid cough and cold medications. For most people with VM, the drowsiness can make the dizzies feel worse, so if anything steer clear of medications that can make you sleepy.

What’s your go-to cold remedy?