The One Thing They Don't Tell You About Postpartum Life

In early June I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy. After a few days at the hospital with nurses and family and friends helping, we were left alone in our little house with a newborn. Then my husband went back to work, and it was me, standing in a dark nursery, rocking a wailing baby.

See they tell you that part. That your hormones will be a wreck. That you’ll be sad for awhile after. That you’ll be overwhelmed and it’s a transition.

I finally started to figure that part out a few weeks into life with J.

And then one day, I felt a little off. A little lightheaded. A little dizzy.

Oh, I knew the feeling well.

I figured my weird sleep schedule, my exhaustion, my hormones were giving my head a hard time again. During pregnancy, I only had one migraine and it was in January. It was a blissful time. I hadn't been dizzy either, but here I was again, back in that awful place, where the room rocked and my head was foggy.

It got worse. Thankfully, about five weeks postpartum, I had an appointment with the neurologist who first diagnosed vestibular migraine.

Here’s what I learned. It’s not unusual for women with migraines to experience a break in migraines during pregnancy (YES!) and it’s not unusual for women with migraines to experience resurgence in those migraines postpartum (NO!).

No one told me that could be a possibly. I knew about the swelling and the pain and the emotion, but not this part.

We’ve worked out a plan of action with my doctor about how to get my dizziness back under control. I’ll keep you posted. Onward!