All the research

Our little J is sleeping at the moment (in my lap because right now that’s the only place he’ll sleep soundly), so I’ve had a few minutes to read some studies on migraines post pregnancy. One study showed that as many as 80 to 90 percent of women experience a reduction in migraines during pregnancy.


After delivery, migraine can return in about half of those women.

AND to throw in another factor, experts aren’t sure if breastfeeding keeps those hormones in check longer, thus staving off migraines.

In other words, pregnancy lets your migraines go dormant for a few months (while your body is slammed with a litany of other symptoms). After delivery, there’s a chance they could come back as those hormones change, AND if you have to stop breastfeeding for any reason, you could throw your hormones for a loop again, and thus, migraines.

That’s my best guess at what’s happening now, and because I have a variant of migraine that causes dizziness, my dizziness has returned. The room is rocking. I can’t move my head without a wave of unsteadiness.

I’ve looped in some of my other doctors to see what they’re thinking, and I’m praying their expertise gives me some relief soon.

The thing about a relapse of something like this is that there is no surefire way to combat it. It’s about trying something and then trying something else and then maybe something working. And all that is very frustrating.

If you’re in that place, too, let me tell you to hang in there. Grip and clench and grab until your hands ache. Hang. In. There.