Review: How cool are the Shady Rays?

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A few weeks before I even received my Shady Rays, I noticed a friend of mine rocking them at a baseball game. I didn't even have to ask what he thought of them:


He loved them.

My own pair are part of the Signature series, and my initial thought when I unboxed them was just how cool they looked. Now, I own several sunglasses. OK, I own a lot of sunglasses. Some are for running. Some are for track meets. Others are for day-to-day. 

But this pair stood out because of how beautiful they looked. The matte black finish felt solid and smooth. The polarized lenses have a great mirrored look. 

But I also needed them to be functional since I wanted to run with them. In fact, the Shady Rays motto is "Live Hard. We Got You." 

I've mentioned before that I live in Texas. Right now, even my evening runs are humid and hot. When I stagger in from my runs lately, I'm drenched in sweat. My earbuds are slick and gross. My watchband is sticky. And yeah, my sunglasses look like they've taken a beating.

I need my sunglasses to stand up to the Texas heat and my Shady Rays delivered. No bounce. No slip. They felt great. I could easily see these sunglasses lasting for years to come.

And that's the best part.

Shady Rays offers a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty and Free Replacements if the sunglasses are broken or lost. I'm hoping I don't have to take advantage of that, but I love that they're willing to stand behind their product.

Want to try them for yourself? Use my promo code: "BIBRAVE" to get 50 percent off 2 or more pairs. 

I might get another pair for my best running buddy: