Review: Can the CTM Band help with muscle aches?

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My closet is full of straps, massage tools, tennis balls and rollers. There are some that I can put in the freezer and some I can warm up. Some even vibrate.

I have a myriad of aches and pains. I just turned 30 in December and it seems my body has responded to that milestone by breaking down in several places: particularly, my neck, my shoulders, my quads and my knees.

Most days, I smell like some variant of IcyHot, BioFreeze or other medicated cream or patch (I’ve tried them all). 

2018-03-28 12.34.57.jpg

So that’s why I was pumped to try the CTM Band. It’s not like my other tools at all. My rollers and massage products knead out my muscles. My knee strap compresses my knee, but the CTM Band promised to do it all: Compression, Tension and Movement.

It’s a lot to ask for in a product, especially a product that doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles of some of my other recovery gear.

But it surprised me.

How do you do it?

Out of the bag, I didn’t know what to make of the CTM Band. It’s a latex strip with a few golf ball-like attachments. I pulled the band out and let it dangle in front of me. (Side note: My dog may have tried to eat it.)

2018-03-28 12.32.13.jpg

I wasn’t sure how to get started, but the instructions were simple to follow.

I tried the band around my quad/IT band after removing two of the ball attachments. As I up my mileage, that seems to be the first part of my body to feel the miles. 

I was worried how the band would stay on. It’s just a band. No metal clips. No straps or Velcro, but the band wrapped on easily and stayed put. I repositioned it a few times to get the “compression” feel right. I wanted it not too tight and not too loose. 

I positioned the small “golf-like” balls near my IT band and felt them push into those leg muscles. Then, I moved.

I lifted my knees in a high knee motion. I swung my legs from side to side and front and back. I did a few IT Band specific stretches. It hurt so good.

How did it work?

The massage felt deeper than any other roller had been able to hit. The tightness felt like it was re-energizing those muscles. My movements seemed to pull it all together.

Yes, it felt a bit strange. Usually, a strap is hardly noticeable and a foam roller doesn’t stick to your body, but you only keep the band on for about 2 minutes.

Two minutes.

That’s it.

2018-03-28 12.32.37.jpg

And presto, you’ve applied compression, tension and movement to your achy, sore spot.

Why I’ll use it again

One of my major problems with therapy products is that I never feel like I have time to use them correctly. Usually, when I get in a run, I’m trying to fit it into my already packed day. Honestly, I usually skip the post-workout icing or foam rolling or massage. And then later in the day, my knee is crying out or my shoulders are aching.

But two minutes? 

I can do that. And I already have a few times. It’s quickly becoming part of my routine.

Next up is trying the band on my shoulders.

Want to give it a try yourself?

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