My race resume

When it comes to running, I’m a numbers person. I like to see all the metrics I can: What was my pace? How far did I go? What was the weather like?

It’s hard not to get bogged down (or really sidetracked) by all the information we can get from our runs, but I love seeing it. I

And that’s why I love Athlinks.

I’ve been an Athlinks user for a while now and I really like that it gives me a resume of what I’ve run. In quick hits, it tells me when the race was, how I did overall and what my pace and final time was— all those metrics I love to pore over.

So far, I only have a handful of race results (I was out most of 2015 and all of 2016 because of a now-diagnosed vestibular disorder).

But in one case, I ran an October 5K before I got sick at an 8:40 pace and in 2017 I ran that same course— this time at a steady 9:34 pace.

Yes, I slowed down. But it reminds me that it took me nearly two years to get back to that starting line. That 2017 race was my first back since becoming sick and that little bit of information on the Athlinks site reminds me that I crossed a finish line. I didn’t let my illness keep me away from the starting line.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 5.38.18 PM.png

In December 2017, I added another huge marker to my Athlinks profile: the BMW Dallas Half Marathon. This was a dream race for me, and I wanted it to go well after I struggled through my first half marathon in 2015 (again, I didn’t know I had a vestibular disorder and ran most of the race stricken with dizziness).

I wanted the Dallas Half Marathon to tell me I had survived a training plan and again, crossed a big finish line.

The numbers aren’t beautiful for that race, but they’re mine.

So yes, there’s a big gap in my profile. It’s glaring. It tells me that something went wrong, something keep me off the course, but it doesn’t end there.

Races are stacked above that gap, signifying that I made it back.

I have all my bibs from races posted in my closet, a handful of medals swaying near my assortment of running shoes, but Athlinks gives me some digital bragging rights.

And runners do love to brag sometimes.

But mostly for me, it says, I didn’t quit. I kept running.

It tells the world, “I’m a mid-pack runner. I’m slowly building my race profile. And I’m running again.”

On the homepage of Athlinks, there’s a quote before you search for your results: “The pain you endured to cross the finish line is temporary. But your race results are forever. Claim, share and celebrate them here.”

It’s true. My race bibs will eventually be tossed or lost. My medals will probably be stored away. My finisher T-shirts will get worn and washed and worn and washed until they’re tatters.

That moment I felt like giving up will be a memory. That time I crossed the finish line with a PR will become a good story to tell.

But at Athlinks, I can keep my race results alive.

Want to keep yours alive too?

Find them here.

And when you’re signed up, let’s follow each other. Let’s keep running together. Let’s keep crossing the finish line.