How Emotional Is Running?

I’m working on a story about how sometimes runners happy cry when they cross a finish line.

Look at a gallery of finish line photos. Chances are you’ll find one where a runner is so elated at finishing 13.1 miles or 26 miles or a 50K that they’re crying.

I posed the question to my fellow Nuun Ambassadors and got so many responses about their own experience with “happy crying.”

Some told me they cried at their first big race. Some said cry at every race. Some even cry on training runs.

It all made me realize that running is as much emotional as physical. I can finish a long run and be sore the next day, but when I finish up that run, there’s a beautiful moment of completion, a blissful moment of success.

It’s why we say running is an outlet. It truly lets us leave our problems on the road or trail and come back home a little happier.

And on the flip of that, when we have a bad race or our training plan is derailed or we can’t push through a tough workout, we get upset too. Our emotions run high. We’re sad. Disappointed.

Is every run going to be so emotional? No.

Some runs are just runs. They’re part of the daily grind. They’re checks on our training plan, but let’s remember to embrace the range of emotions involved in running.

Whether happy or sad or a mix of both, running reminds us that our hearts are pumping hard. Our brains are firing. We’re responding to the pavement, and it’s enough to get us up in the morning to do it again.

Have you ever "happy cried" while running or racing?