Better Form, Better Running

I busted out my Lumo tracker a few days ago because I feel like my running form has been all off. Ever since taking a (short) break after the BMW Dallas Half Marathon, I’ve been dealing with neck and shoulder pain after I run, which typically points to a problem with my form.

When I first started training for that half, this happened too. It seems (in addition to bad form), those neck and shoulder muscles have to “build up” to take the grind of daily running because after a few weeks, the pain went away.

My Lumo tracker is amazing. I did an easy 4 with the tracker and went over my results. Couple of things:

-       My cadence was about 166 spm, which can definitely be improved upon.

-       I’ve got a lot of “bounce” when I run, which is the up and down movement you make when you run. To be efficient, we want as little as possible.

-       With that, my rotation from left to right while I run is way too much. Again, burning energy.

-       Braking, which is the change in speed during a step, seemed to be good. Yay for that!

What’s great about the Lumo is it gives me specific exercises to help with those numbers, so I’ve got some stuff to work into my routine.

But it didn’t tell me much about my neck and shoulders, so I got really high-tech and set up my phone on the back of my truck to take a slow-motion video of me running.

I cringed when I saw it. That heel strike! That bounce! My shoulders!

It was awful, but also a really good look at what’s going on while I run. I’ll save you from watching the video, but I’ve posted a screenshot from it.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.48.51 PM.png

It’s clear that there are some things I need to work on. I’m working on drumming up a solid list of workouts I can do to strengthen my neck and shoulders, and I’m working on that posture.

For example, I’m writing this from my office desk, sitting up straight and everything, as compared to when I write from my cozy couch and end up sliding down into the seat and there may or may not be a dog also up in my face while I’m working.

We’ll see how I fare in a few weeks when I plan to take another video. What about you? Have you ever checked your running form?