This is magical for migraines

I have something magical. It fits in the palm of my hand. It's yellow and comes in packs of three, but I only need one.

The magic one.

OK, it's a tennis ball.


Yes, I wrote "Magic Massage Ball" on it. We have two dogs that have a toy box of tennis balls so this one is specifically mine. They're not allowed to have this one (although I've caught Prince with it in his mouth before, so now you know our household is run by the dogs).

But this tennis ball is magical because it pushes out the knots in my shoulders and neck. A lot of my migraines stem from tightness in my shoulders, and I've noticed that if I spend just a few minutes rolling that magical tennis ball around my upper back, I'm less likely to get a migraine.

I haven't been doing that lately. Since I ran the BMW Dallas Half Marathon I've backed off a rigorous training plan and have just been running easy four days a week. Last week, I threw in a hill workout and a longer mileage run.

I got three migraines in six days.

Now, there are probably a lot of reasons for that-- the weather, stress, what I've been eating, but I noticed that when I woke up with that third migraine, I could feel the knots in my neck and shoulders. 

So I'm using that magic again. I'm rolling it out after I get out of the shower and when my muscles are warm. I'm rolling it out again just before bed. It takes some extra effort, but I've done this route before. For some reason, my neck and shoulders sometimes get agitated during running (I even have a prescription strength pain reliever prescribed by my neurologist to take before really long runs). When I consistently work on those tight muscles, they're better primed to take on the workouts.

It's one more thing to add to my arsenal of migraine preventatives. But hey, it's magical.