The Start Gun

I've been hanging around the starting line for this blog a long time. I've been kicking rocks around and watching people around me run by. 

What would I say to people?

Who would read this?

I'm not a real runner. Who am I to write about it?

So I keep drifting around the starting line. If you're a runner, you know the starting line can be the most exciting or scariest place. People are hopping in place and loosening their shoulders. People are chatting happily or getting their game faces on. And then something happens-- the start gun fires.

And everything falls away, and we remember our legs work, and we do what we love: We run.

This blog came about because I've long been a runner, and I have several years experience writing and reporting on running and wellness, but along the way of training, I've been fighting migraines, and a variant of migraines that gives me vertigo. I'm hoping this blog gives other migraineurs/runners some hope. 

Some days aren't as great as others. Some runs are awful. Some, though, are beautiful and worth it. So together, let's stop pacing at the starting line. Let's stop kicking rocks and putting it off.

The start gun has fired.